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Subject to the following terms and conditions. OTMG provides the following LIMITED WARRANTY for a period of 10 years from the date of the manufacture. Years 1-5 will be a Full Warranty and Years 6-10 will be a Pro-Rated Warranty. Any claims arising during this time needs to be in writing with proof of purchase. OTMG warrants the Unit(s) against failure and material obstruction of vision through the Unit(s) due to the accumulation of dust, moisture, or film on the internal glass surfaces, with the following exceptions:




Seal failure due to glass breakage: Unit(s) which have not been installed in a workmanlike manner and glazed in accordance with IGCC suggested glazing instructions. Unit(s) used or installed in high moisture environments such as in swimming pool enclosures, greenhouses, solar collectors, and refrigeration units. Unit(s) used installed in high vibration environments such as motor vehicles, travel trailers, watercraft, aircraft, or air ports. Unit(s) installed in a sloped glazing and skylights. Unit(s), which have been improperly stored or handled. Unit(s) installed with incompatible sealant materials.




In the event that any OTMG product fails to perform as warranted, OTMG’s sole responsibility and Purchaser’s Sole and Exclusive Remedy under any warranty, contract, negligence, or other claim of liability shall be limited to a refund of OTMG’s original selling price or OTMG’s options, to furnish the purchaser with another product without charge, F.O.B. the shipping, point nearest the product’s installation. In no event shall OTMG be liable for costs incurred in the removal of failed product’s installation, the installation of replacement products, OR FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. OTMG neither guarantees nor warrants production lead-times, shipment delivery dates, or inventory availability.



DISCLAIMER ON IMPLIED WARRANTIES FOR ALL OTMG PRODUCTS: OTMG MAKES NO OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND REGARDING THE PRODUCTS, WHETHER AS TO MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS OR PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE, OR ANY OTHER MATTER. In particular, OTMG assumes no responsibility glass breakage, improper usage, failure of products on account of faulty installation or building construction or design, improper handling, customer processing or fabrication (including application of coatings, films, etc.) or failure to follow OTMG’s instructions regarding the products. No distributor, OTMG representative, agent, or employee has the authority to alter or change any OTMG product warranty, either orally or in writing.